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White Water Rafting Adventure In Pocono

Are you looking for a perfect outdoor adventure for summers? Pocono is the right place to plan your next summer trip. Pocono mountain rivers offer so much. From refreshing swimming holes to waterfalls to riding in a rushing river surrounded by beautiful scenic views.

The Pocono region has outdoor activities for all levels of adventurers. You can go team rafting or family-style rafting or choose according to your pace from wild to mild water rafting ride.

And if you're planning your vacations to the Pocono mountains, then plan your visit with us. Pocono Resort Cabin is the luxury rentals in Pocono that offers comfortable private accommodation and convenient amenities.

See this post to find out more about the white water rafting adventure in Pocono.

White Water Rafting

Have you ever heard of white water rafting before? It's the most popular water-based sport. Nowadays, people are practicing this exciting river water activity both privately and commercially around the world.

Basically, in white water rafting, a rubber raft is made of robust material to protect it from breaking when in contact with stones and rocks. The rubber boat moves easily along white river water and other bodies of water.

Who can go?

White water rafting is an ideal group activity, where you can go in groups and choose from moderate to high. Some are natural water bodies, and others have man-made water bodies to add extra fun to this activity.

Boat size varies between 3m to 6m, and different boat lengths are suitable for different group sizes. Typically, 2 to 20 people can ride in a single boat.

You need a little water rafting experience, like basic swimming skills depending on the river difficulty level. If you have friends or family with good physical abilities, then you guys are good to go. Overall good health is important to be eligible for this water-based activity.

What Time Of The Year To Go?

The best time to go water rafting depends on where you are planning to go. In some places, water rafting is an all-around year activity, whereas they have different open and close seasons in other areas.

However, water enthusiasts, whether it's summers or winter, don't stop going on thrilling adventures. Right?

On the other hand, plan your trip for water rafting in Pocono between May and Labor day weekend. Plus, tourists are very fond of this thrilling water activity in Pocono. It's a popular spot among travelers from Newjersey, Pennsylvania, and New York.

So if you don't like crowded places, then plan your trip to Pocono accordingly if you want to stay away from the crowd.

Another option is to visit Pocono water rafting places on weekdays if your schedule allows so. Pocono water rafting companies offer some amazing weekday deals to their visitors.

Best Places For White Water Rafting In Pocono

Now that you know what is white water rafting and when to go for this adventure in Pocono. Let's look at some of the rivers in Pocono for white water rafting, and you choose the one that is the best for you!

Jim Thorpe River Water Rafting Adventures

Do you want to take an adventurous ride down a river? Head to Lehigh state park for Jim Thorpe River water rafting. It offers different rapids that vary for different guest abilities. They have three levels, the Easy for beginners, it includes water rafting 3 hours if you choose this level.

The second level is introductory and takes you 4 hours to complete, and it is relatively more difficult than the previous level. Here comes the last, The Big Time White Water Rafting; it includes 20 rapids and takes you 5 hours to complete almost 13 miles of the river.

Your trip to Jim Thorpe River will get your heart racing while taking you to beautiful views of Lehigh State Park.

Pocono White Water

Another great choice in Lehigh river rafting for you is Pocono white water in Jim Thorpe, PA. Usually, they offer two different activities: the Lehigh Gorge Dam Release Whitewater and the Family-style Whitewater.

If you love taking challenges, then go for Dam release. It's a more extended trip than Family-style white water and takes 5 hours to complete. Dam release features class III rapids.

On the contrary, Family-style features I and II rapids. This water rafting trip is a bit easier and shorter than Dam release.

Some other special rafting trips are Pocono Pirate Rafting excursion, Moonlight trip at night, paintball, and biking, a combo adventure.

White Water Challengers

It is a Lehigh river company that offers Natural Flow and Dam Release whitewater trips. If you want to enjoy deep water rides, then a trip to Dam Release is a good choice.

But before heading to Dam release for whitewater challenges, check their dates for summers.

They offer trips from easy, short courses to "marathon" trips that cover up to 25 miles. Other challenges include kayak trips and more.

White Water Rafting Adventures

A white water rafting adventures, you will find some excellent rafting trip choices such as E-Z Whitewater trips, Regular Whitewater Excursion, and Summer Rafting Adventures. Standard whitewater rafting is a popular choice among tourists.

This famous water rafting trip spans over 13 miles of the river and offers guests 5 hours of rafting. The trip features 18 class III and class II rapids.

But they also offer an introductory trip to Lehigh River rafting which includes Class I and II. This intro E-Z Whitewater trip lasts for 4 hours and covers 8 miles.

If you like to spend your day by the river without white water rides, then Summer Rafting Adventures is the absolute option for you to go.

Head Back To Pocono Resort Cabin After Your Rafting Adventure!

After your long day in the sun, tackling the rapids and twists of Pocono rivers, relax your muscles at our luxury Pocono Resort Cabin. It's a luxury rental in the Pocono with a charming Big Bass lake view and fantastic amenities.

Our rental in Pocono is not only minutes from whitewater rafting places but also close to other popular recreational spots in Pocono. Reserve your cabin now!

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