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Where to stay for the best fishing trip in the Pocono Mountain Range

The Pocono Mountains provide a multitude of unparalleled fishing spots on gorgeous lakes, scenic river brooks, peaceful ponds and stunning streams.

No matter what you hope to snare on your line the lakes and waterways of the Poconos are filled with a vast array of fish species such as Trout, Bass, Walleye, Stripers, and a huge variety of other unique North American species.

With so many fantastic locations in the Poconos to enjoy the best sport fishing in all of the United States of America it is hard to decide which is the best place to base your fishing adventure, however by staying at the Pocono Resort Cabin you have easy access to some of the best lakes in Pennsylvania as well as a huge array of other national, state and local parks with unique brooks and river ways for you to enjoy a huge range of sport fishing options!

The Luxury Pocono Resort Cabin

Our luxury 5 bedroom and 4-bathroom resort cabin is surrounded by some of the best lakes and river fishing spots in the entire Pocono region and by staying here during your fishing getaway you will have easy access to the most beautiful sportfishing hotspots you could ever imagine.

The Pocono Resort Cabin is the perfect holiday home for a weekend fishing trip with friends or a family getaway out on the lake and so to help inspire your next angling escape we have provided a list of some of the best fishing lakes and locations found around our beautiful pocono mountain resort cabin !

Big Bass Lake

Big Bass Lake is an incredibly peaceful oasis for fishing and there are no gas-powered boats allowed on the water which makes it the perfect water edge to relax and enjoy the calming tranquility of the breathtakingly beautiful Pocono Mountain range.

Take an electric-powered motorboat out or paddle yourself into the center of this stunningly calm lake to enjoy prime fishing for a host of unique species such as Bass, Pickerel, Yellow Perch, Catfish and Sunfish.

The lake is filled with fish during the spring and summer months and provides an active day filled with plenty of catches while the winter months make for some of the best ice fishing opportunities in all of the United States of America.

Our Pocono Resort Cabin is located just minutes away from Big Bass Lake and is also near restaurants and shopping destinations as well as the community recreation center which includes an arcade and game room for evening entertainment.

There are also swimming beaches on the lake as well as tennis and volleyball courts which provide some great after-fishing activities for both you and the family.

Gouldsboro State Park

The Pocono Resort Cabin is also located a few miles from the 2800-acre Gouldsboro state national park which is known for its beautiful mountain hiking trails and prime fishing opportunities.

The 250-acre man-made Gouldsboro Lake is a warm water fishery and so has an abundant number of fish species in it such as Pickerel, Yellow Perch, Catfish, Sunfish, Bass and Walleye and attracts hundreds of anglers throughout the seasons.

The lake is open all year round from sunup till sundown and provides some of the most beautiful fishing spots imaginable, with a fishing pier built out on the lake for casting out with other angling enthusiasts or do as the locals do and find a quiet spot along the grassy shoreline for a peaceful solo fishing experience.

You can take an electric-powered motorboat out onto the lake or explore this natural gem’s many waterways and tributaries on a kayak or rowboat to find your perfect fishing spot and then spend the day basking in the sun with your favorite fishing rod.

Gouldsboro State Park provides visitors with access to five wooded picnic areas with picnic tables and charcoal grills and this is the best spot to end your day with a favorite grilled meal as you enjoy the beautiful sunsets that Lake Gouldsboro is so well known for.

Lake Wallenpaupack

The Pocono Resort Cabin is located close to the 5,700 acres and 13-mile-long Lake Wallenpaupack and makes for one of the best all-day fishing experiences in the entirety of Pennsylvania. The lake has six public recreation areas dotted around its shores and the park is made up of hundreds of acres of forest space, walking trails, campsites and boat ramps.

The lake is fully stocked every season with a variety of species such as Large and Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Pickerel, Trout, Striped Bass, Channel Catfish and a variety of other popular sportfish species. There are several handicap-accessible fishing piers as well as a variety of quiet and more secluded spots located around the shoreline which provide a great location for a day of angling.

The public can also borrow rods and tackle equipment at the Lake Wallenpaupack Visitors Center and this equipment is borrowed in a similar way to library books with anyone wanting to borrow gear completing a form and then being issued with an equipment day loan. This rental program is designed to make it easy for anyone to access fishing tackle and so if you are giving fishing a try for the first time you can do so easily at Lake Wallenpaupack.

The Lake Wallenpaupack Visitors Center is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is a great location to learn about the bountiful activities to be done on this impressive waterway.

There is a huge range of dining and shopping opportunities located all around Lake Wallenpaupack so if you don’t fancy a shoreside BBQ then why not enjoy some local cuisine at one of the lake-side restaurants or bakeries found all over the area. There is also a variety of boating launches and rental facilities around the lake so if you want to enjoy some more deep water fishing options then doing so is easy and convenient!

The Lehigh River

If you are looking for something a little more different than lake fishing then the Lehigh River is located no more than a 20-minute drive from your stunning Pocono Resort Cabin and provides some amazing fly fishing and trout catching locations all along its stunningly beautiful waterway.

The river is a great place to catch many species of fish, such as Trout, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, Panfish, Pickerel, Catfish, Carp and Muskie so choosing to set up anywhere along this riverway will mean you are guaranteed to have an extensive day of reeling with such an abundant number of fish making this waterway their habitat.

You can even organize a boat fishing tour along the waterway where a seasoned guide will take you out along the river to some of the best fishing destinations in the entire state. Make a family day out of it and get lost exploring the many winding waterways of this beautiful Pennsylvania river.

No matter where you decide to go fishing the Pocono Resort Cabin provides the perfect base for all your angling adventures and after a busy day, you can rest assured you will be returning to a uniquely relaxing space where you can unwind and reset for another day of sports fishing adventures!

Contact us to ensure availability and book your perfect fishing escape!

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