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The 5 Best Hiking Trails In Pocono

The Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania are home to many hiking sites. From state parks to recreational spots, there are so many options that make it difficult to choose which one you must visit during your next vacation. Each site offers different attractions, hiking trails, and experiences.

The bottom line is: By the end of this article, we will give you the details of Pocono luxuries resort Pocono Resort Cabin. To make sure you will enjoy all the privacy and comfort of home during the stay.

In this blog, you will find the top five hiking trails in the Pocono region.

Tobyhanna State Park

Tobyhanna State Park has three different hiking trails that vary from easy to difficult. With a loop that is 5 miles long, the Lakeside Trail circles Tobyhanna park.

This park has a hardened base that makes it a popular spot for hiking and bicycling during summer. On the other hand, this park is crowded with skillers.

The Range Trail is slightly more difficult than Little Fall and is almost 7 miles in total. If you are adventurous and accept challenges, then take Frantz Gantz Trail. This path has plenty of rock-hop, so don't forget to wear your hiking boots.

Promised Land State Park

The Promised Land State Park is located near Hawley, PA. This is an excellent option for visitors interested in nature as it has features like small waterfalls and glacial lakes. The park is surrounded by forest land and has 50 miles of hiking opportunities. Moreover, if you plan your tour to Pocono at any time from mid-May to mid -June, this is the best time to experience as flowers are just set to bloom.

Whereas if you visit Pocono in October, you will get to see changing colors. Amazing. Isn't it?

If you are traveling with your four-legged friend, Promised Land State is the right place to go hiking.

Bruce Lake Natural Area Trail is visitors most favorite recreational path in this park. It has a 14 miles long loop that winds through Delaware State Forest, Bruce Lake Natural Area Trail, and Promised Land State Park.

Another route in Promised Lake Park is the Little Falls Trail. This trail is a lot easier than Bruce Lake Trail. Hiking on Little Falls Trails will lead you past Wallenpaupack Creek and the small waterFall.

Finally, the most popular tail of this park loops around Conversational Islands. Do not forget to get a free guidebook from the park office to go on a self-guided hike.

Bring a camera with you to take photos of wonderful sights.

Insiders Guide to Bushkill Falls

With eight stunning waterfalls, Bushkill falls the star of the Pocono Mountain regions. These spectacular waterfalls are linked to a series of bridges, boardwalks, and woodland trails. This park has a broad selection of hiking trails and has four paths.

All four paths have different lengths and difficulty levels. No matter which route you take, you will surely get to view one of the eight waterfalls located in the park.

If you are a beginner, then hike the green trail. It is less difficult and the shortest of the options with a view of the Main Falls. It involves no climbing and takes you 15 minutes to complete.

Yellow Trail is the next option you have. It has moderate to difficult but longer trails that will take around 45 minutes to complete. Also, it leads you past wildlife exhibits.

Nevertheless, while hiking on yellow trails, you will see Main Falls, Upper Canyon, Lauren Glen, and Lower Gorge Falls.

The blue trail will take you to Pennell Falls and typically takes a little over an hour to hike.

Lastly, the red trail will lead you through the entire park and is difficult than all the previous trails. It covers almost the span of 2 miles and takes more than two hours to complete.

Wallenpaupack Lake Trail

If you love beach and water views, then head to Wallenpaupack Lake Trail. This freshwater lake has 50 miles of shoreline and offers plenty of outdoor activities, including hiking.

Yes, this magnificent lake has a relatively easy 2.6mile trail and is popular with locals and visitors.

Delaware Water Gap

The Delaware Water Gap spans over 70,000 acres. This recreational park is home to the Appalachian Trail and several educational and historical, and other gorgeous hiking sites.

To make it an easy hiking guide for you, we have broken it into three sections: Northern, middle, and southern sections.

Northern Area

Milford's northern trail is a beautiful route that runs through the forest and alongside a scenic view of waterfalls. It is located nearby Milford town and has moderate to rugged hiking trails.

But if you want to bring your dog with you, then Cliff northern trail is the perfect option for you to hike. Here dogs are welcome to hike with owners, but they must be on a leash.

Cliff trail is also located near Milford, PA, and is famous for its beautiful scenery. This place offers less challenging hiking trails than Milford northern trail.

Middle Area

The George trail stretches over 4,000 acres and is full of scenic views. If nature is what attracts you, then you should visit this region. It has two types of the forest; a hemlock forest and a hardwood forest.

Besides, this scenic site has a less difficult 2-mile loop alongside a waterfall and spring.

While in Delaware, witness the tallest waterfall, buttermilk Fall Trai that is 3 miles away in New Jersey. The ButterMilk fall trail is not so easy but not so difficult to hike and has steep slopes.


Dunnfield Creek trail is 7 miles away from a creek for which it is named. Be careful while walking on the Dunnield path as there is a stream passing by, so be sure to wear waterproof shoes.

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