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Thanks giving Holiday in Poconos: Pocono Resort Cabin

Updated: Feb 14

Fall is one of the best seasons in the year to visit the Pocono Mountains. Especially just around thanksgiving time when fall colors have started fading off and the forests are enfolded by earthy hues.

Thanksgiving is that time of the year when you should look around and just be grateful. However, it can be a challenge to sit and think of all things you’re grateful for when you have to multitask – cook the dinner, clean the dishes, entertain your wacky relatives – all at the same time.

This year, you can do things differently and celebrate thanksgiving with people who actually matter to you, in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Pocono Resort Cabin gives you an opportunity to escape with your immediate family for some quiet time where you can spend peaceful moments together as you take in the astounding landscape of Pennsylvania.

Nestled within the valleys of the beautiful Poconos Mountains this luxury vacation rental is one of the most beautiful accommodations in the region and it’s an excellent place to host your next family reunion.

Situated close to the Big Bass Lake, Pocono Luxury Resort is one of those places you visit once and wish you’d stay forever.

Why stay in Pocono Resort Cabin during thanksgiving

1. It’s spacious

Thanksgiving is all about getting together and nothing is more impressive than being in a house that can accommodate all of your family members – including grandparents – without feeling too crowded.

With an enormous living area, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a huge backyard space to spare, Pocono Resort Cabin can host all your relatives and friends without feeling outstretched.

The bedrooms are fitted with bunk beds to maximize the space and the house can accommodate up to 20 people! The five bedrooms are spread over three floors.

The sizable outdoor space, with a fire pit and a private bathtub, guarantees you unrivaled comfort. If you need a large accommodation for a family get-together Pocono Resort Cabin is a perfect choice.

The expansive exterior decking is also a nice addition!

2. It’s Luxurious

Everything about this vacation rental is elegant. From the lofty vaulted ceilings and huge windows to stylish furnishing and an upscale modern fireplace, the house is designed to have a warm, inviting ambiance.

There is a luxurious touch in every corner of the house including the hot tub and outdoor fire pit where you can chill out and relax with your dear ones.

3. Secluded for utmost privacy

Sequestered, luxurious, and spacious – this is probably the best way to describe this beautiful property.

Pocono Resort Cabin is secluded to give your family enough privacy but at the same time, it’s not outrageously off the beaten path as you can still access all major facilities and the Mountain town is within easy reach.

Activities to do in Poconos in the fall

Poconos is an all-year destination with a fairly large list of things to do in fall as the weather is neither too hot nor too cold at this time of the year.

The Thanksgiving period in Pocono may be the least vibrant and scenic time of the year as all the trees would have shed their leaves ready for winter but the beauty lies in the outlandish appearance of the landscape!

Some of the activities you can do during thanksgiving include;

I. Visit Bushkill Falls

Dubbed as ‘The Niagara of Pennsylvania’, Bushkill Falls is probably one of the most famous attractions in the Poconos and a great place to visit as a family.

The eight series of falls are encircled within approximately 300 acres of land with over two miles of walkways, bridges, and trails.

While the destination itself (the falls) is the highlight of any visit here, the journey to the attraction is equally fascinating a great way to reconnect with nature.

There are gift shops, eateries, and picnic areas within the park which makes this place incredible for group visits.

II. Train Ride

Are you a fan of vintage trains? How about a ride across the laid back towns of the Pennsylvania region?

An old-fashioned train ride is a unique way to appreciate what the Pocono Mountains have to offer and it’s an enthralling experience for people of all ages.

Step aboard Leigh Gorge Railway, an hour-long scenic trip from Jim Thorpe to Leigh Gorge State Park or Bridgetown Line that weaves through 25 miles of the Poconos offering astounding views of the towns such as Hones dale.

III. Fishing

While you need a state fishing license to fish Pocono waterways or canals it’s possible to have a great time with guided fishing.

You’ll find several guide services that host fishing outings on Big Bass Lake or you can visit a fishing club such as The Lake Naomi, where you’ll not only have a great time catching fish, but you can also go through an instructional program that will help you enhance your fishing skills.

Be sure to book an appointment well in advance.

IV. Hiking

Another great activity to try out during your thanksgiving getaway in the Pocono Mountains is hiking. Whether you’re hoping to visit some of the popular waterfall trails or you’re yearning for the less trodden path to explore with your family, there are lots of superb trails scattered across the mountains.

The trails’ difficulty levels vary wildly but as long as you’re in reasonable shape, you can have a great time hiking in this region.

V. Horseback Riding

Horseback riding excursions are simply the best, especially when doing it as a group! This activity can be a great way to spend your Thanksgiving weekend getaway!

If you’d rather ride a horse than take a hike, you can hit the trails in style and take in the scenic views without breaking a sweat!

Horse riding is a pretty popular activity when visiting the Poconos and you don’t have to be an avid horseback rider.

If you’re still a beginner, you’ll be guided through your first ride by a professional!

The best part is, all these attractions and activities are easily accessible from Pocono Luxury Resort!

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