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Christmas Holidays: At Luxury Pocono House Rental

Updated: Feb 14

Christmas is one of the major global holidays and one of the most anticipated seasons every year. And what a better way to celebrate this day than booking yourself a luxurious Cabin in Poconos Mountains!

Whether with family or friends a Christmas getaway to the Poconos can be extremely rewarding.

A visit here will give you an opportunity to explore a slew of winter activities, take a moment to rejuvenate by escaping to the mountains, and experience authentic local Christmas traditions.

Pocono Resort Cabin is one of the best rental places you can stay in over Christmas.

Its secluded yet central location within the beautiful Pocono Mountains sets you slap bang at the heart of all action.

From the best ski resorts to themed events Luxury Pocono Vacation Rental is right at the center of it all.

Plus, thanks to its enormous size it can accommodate large groups of people which makes it an excellent option for family reunions. The chalet can sleep up to 20 individuals in its 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

There are a dozen reasons why this vacation rental is one of the best choices for a Christmas holiday but here are just a few if you’re still standing over the edge wondering if it’ll suit your needs;

Stay at Pocono Resort Cabin

1. Close to Camelback resort

Camelback Resort is one of the most famed winter destinations in the region and a trip here will give you an opportunity to have a field day in the mountains.

Pocono Resort Cabin is under 20 minutes’ drive to this resort so you can have a luxurious stay at this vacation rental then enjoy all perks that Camelback Resort has in store for winter activities enthusiasts.

If all you want is to enjoy the snow, all you need is a day pass. But of course, Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year in the Mountains so you want to book your passes in advance.

To be on the safe side you can book an overnight stay at the resort especially if you want to enjoy the thrill of one of the biggest waterparks in the US, Aquatopia, which is accessible by resort guests only.

2. The hot tub

If you’re a winter sports lover, then you know the value of a luxurious bathtub. It helps relax and soothes your muscles after hitting the slopes hard!

Pocono Luxury Resort has an outdoor bathtub where you can sit with a glass of wine and marvel at the snow-peaked mountains in the surrounding areas.

Why visit Pocono Mountains during Christmas

1. Fresh blankets of snow

There is something magical about snow and Christmas, it’s probably the need for burning fire logs that give a home comfy vibes, or it’s probably the snuggly feeling that comes with coiling yourself up on a couch.

Whatever it is, snow is almost synonymous with Christmas and a snowy Christmas is a magical festive holiday – it’s just the way it is!

With the highest peak of Pocono Mountains towering to over 2000 feet above sea level a white Christmas is almost a guarantee!

2. Lots of events

Every year there are lots of themed events lined up throughout the month of December. Around Christmas, every evening is an eventful night and a great time to mingle and merry with the locals.

One of the most popular events is the Tree Lighting event which kick starts the Christmas celebrations in Stroudsburg by decorating the trees and lighting up the sky with fireworks.

3. Thrilling winter activities

When winter kicks in, the Pocono Mountains offer a vast array of fun snowy adventures – from relaxing options like ice fishing to adrenaline-pumping exploits like snow tubing, there is something for everyone regardless of your skills and preference.

Check a few winter activities you can try out this Christmas;

Winter activities and things to do in Pocono Mountains

1. Skiing

This is probably one of the most popular winter sports activities in the world and the Poconos Mountains aren’t an exception.

Every year, skiing fanatics flock to the Pocono Mountain slopes during winter to enjoy their favorite pursuit.

Whether you’re an avid skier or just a beginner looking forward to perfecting your skills, these mountains are the best place to start.

And, you can enjoy a luxurious stay at Pocono Resort Cabin, which is set close to some of the most famed ski resorts in the region including Camelback which offers ski-in/ski-out opportunities.

2. Snow Tubing

Pocono Mountains offer thousands of miles of skiable terrain but if you’re not a skier, the winter outdoor fun stretches beyond the ski slopes.

Snow tubing is another fun winter activity that can get you on the slopes. Unlike skiing, you’ll need zero skills to snow tube and you don’t even have to haul your ski boots up the mountain - there are conveyor lifts to help you get back at the top.

3. Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing is a great way to explore the snowy landscape Pocono Mountains have to offer and enjoy being out in nature.

This sport requires a reasonable level of fitness particularly because you have to rely on your own locomotion to navigate the snow-covered terrain (no ski lifts to take you from point A to point B) but you can always learn the skill before hitting the natural or groomed trails.

4. Indoor waterparks

Nothing beats the feeling of comfortably wearing a swimsuit at the peak of winter! Some water parks around Pocono Mountains have made great efforts of making this a year-round destination so you can enjoy various water activities even when temperatures are below 0 degrees!

Kalahari and Camel back resorts are both famed for their gigantic waterparks where you can find water slides, splash parks, lazy rivers, and so much more!

By the way, Pocono Resort Cabin is just a stone's throw away from both of these resorts meaning you can purchase day passes and have some fun in the water during the Christmas holiday without sacrificing the comfort of homely accommodation.

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