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Best place to stay when visiting Camelback Mountain

Updated: Feb 14

Situated in the heart of the Pocono Mountains, Camelback resort is a captivating year-round destination that’s ideal for adventure junkies and families eager to make lifetime memories.

Its tree-lined hills and valleys welcome over two million outdoor enthusiasts every year!

The 560-acre resort is filled to the brim with exciting fun activities – from Camelback Mountain which offers unsurpassed skiing and snowboarding experiences to Camelback Lodge &Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark (voted #1 indoor waterpark in the US), there is something for all fun-loving individuals.

In short, it should be in your itinerary especially if you love nature and waterparks!

However, while it’s tempting to book an ‘all in one’ package in the resort for convenience, this option can be rather limiting for larger groups as far as accommodation goes.

It might require some compromising and having quality time together as one big family might not be possible particularly because the largest rooms host not more than 15 individuals.

If you’ve been captivated by this destination but you're planning a huge family getaway where privacy and space are your priority here is a hidden gem that will surpass all of your expectations.

The best place to stay; Pocono Resort Cabin

After a long day of exploring and adventure, you’ll need a comfy place to kick back and relax. Pocono Resort Cabin is the epitome of coziness and everything around the house is designed to give you a ‘home away from home’ feeling.

Here are some of the reasons why this vacation rental will suit all your needs;

1. Perfect for large groups

Whether you’re looking for accommodation that will comfortably host a family reunion or you’re taking a ski trip in a large group, Luxury Resort Poconos is the perfect fit for you.

Pocono Resort Cabin boasts 5 huge bedrooms and 4 bathrooms giving everyone enough wiggle room for ultimate comfort.

The vacation rental also has a huge parking area and unlike in the resort, the parking is free.

2. Proximity to Camelback Resort

Staying at Poconos Luxury Vacation Rental gives you the best of both worlds – explore all the engrossing activities in one of the most exciting resorts, Camelback, then rest and recoup while enjoying the luxurious amenities the cabin has to offer.

The cabin is under 30 minutes drive to the resort so you can easily buy day passes and access all the attractions including the Aquatopia Indoor Water Park or Camel beach Outdoor Waterpark.

3. Serene environment

While staying slap bang next to one of the largest water parks in the US sounds like a great idea, it also means you’ll need to compromise on your personal space.

You’ll have to share common areas and facilities with thousands of other tourists in the resort which makes a vacation that was meant to rejuvenate your mind not so relaxing.

This vacation rental will bring you close to the wonder of nature. With woods and peaks towering from every direction, you’ll inevitably find yourself connected to nature more than ever. This serenity guarantees relaxation.

The best part is, while Pocono Resort Cabin is secluded, it’s not miles away from important facilities. The shopping areas are within easy reach and you can drive to all the fun places within the Pocono Mountains.

4. Privacy and Space

This breath-taking accommodation is a practical option for large groups and families that would otherwise need to pay for multiple rooms in a resort/hotel.

Besides, sharing a private accommodation helps you strike a balance between privacy, enough space, and togetherness.

You can enjoy quality time together – share meals in the communal kitchen, hang out on the couches, or relax around the fire pit after dinner – a luxury that’s unheard of in hotel rooms!

Pocono Resort Cabin Amenities

· 5 bedrooms

· 4 bathrooms

· A game room

· Parking area

· Outdoor fire pit

· Bathtub

· Spacious and well-appointed rooms

· High-quality furnishing

Activities you can do in Camelback while staying at Pocono Resort Cabin

I. Camel beach waterpark

If you’re planning your vacation around summer, then fun at this resort isn’t limited to the indoors.

Camel beach is one of the largest outdoor waterparks in the world featuring 37 waterslides and other water attractions.

The waterpark boastsFlowRider, a wavepool, Spin Cycle as well as dozens of other thrilling tubeslides which makes it a great destination for all ages.

II. Camelback Mountain Adventures

For years, thousands of outdoor fanatics have paid pilgrimage to Camelback Mountains. This treasure trove is home to a variety of electrifying activities including bungee jumps, roller coasters, as well as zip lines – and, it’s under 30 minutes drive from Poconos Resort Cabin!

Whether you’re zip-lining down the valley or testing your adrenaline rush with bungee jumping, this place is perfect for a day of fun under the sun. If you’re visiting during winter, you can look forward to some of the most exciting skiing slopes ever.

III. Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark

If you’re visiting Poconos with kids, you don’t want the opportunity to experience one of the best waterparks in the US to pass them by. Aquatopia is one of the most fun places to visit and it offers enjoyable activities to all ages.

There are over 10 slides, pools (including a wave pool) toddler Splash Park and even a lazy river! Once the kids are exhausted from water games they can enjoy relaxing moments at the kids’ spa, have a bite to refuel from the restaurants, or have some more fun at the rope course.

Since it’s an indoor waterpark, it’s possible to visit at any time of the year, and any day despite the weather outside!

IV. The CBK Mountain Coaster

While CBK Mountain Coaster is classified under Camelback Mountain Adventures, the spine-tingling experience it offers deserves special recognition.

Weaving through the meadows and the tree-lined terrains, riding on this coaster is not only fun but it also gives you a chance to breathe in the fresh air and appreciate nature.


It’s important to note that some of the above-listed activities can only be accessed by staying at Camelback Resort, at least for a night. But, you can always contact the resort well in advance to understand your options clearly.

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