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A luxury place to stay when visiting Kalahari Water Park PA

Updated: Feb 14

Boasting the largest indoor water park in the world Kalahari Resort Poconos is top on most thrill seeker’s bucket lists and a great place where you can create indelible memories with family or friends.

Not only is the resort a family-oriented destination where everyone will feel welcomed but it’s also loaded with a myriad of fun things to do – so having a great time is almost guaranteed.

From dramatic tube watersides to a safe kid’s play area, this resort is an oasis for any fun-loving soul.

But like any other amusement center,there is only so much you can do in the resort before you start feeling overwhelmed by the crowds around you.

No matter how high-end this resort might be, you’re bound to share the space with other vacationers in some capacity.

Plus, ditching resort rooms for a private cabin in PA is always a bargain especially because you can travel as a group and still enjoy a luxurious stay without breaking a bank.

So, if you want to dodge the crowds and enjoy your PA getaway in style, here is the best luxury rental in Poconos;

The Luxury Pocono Resort Cabin

Nestled within the nature-rich Pocono Mountains, the Luxury Pocono Resort Cabin is a sanctuary for anyone who wants to indulge in an opulent getaway.

It’s under 30 minutes drive to the Kalahari Resort water park so you can easily book a day pass and visit the resort for an exhilarating fun-filled day.

The cabin is packed with lots of amenities to make you feel at home and all important facilities are within easy reach.


· Fully equipped kitchen

· Hot tub

· Outdoor fire pit

· A games room

· A huge living area

· A huge parking

· 5 bedrooms

· 4 bathrooms

· A bar area

Why stay at the Luxury Pocono Resort Cabin and enjoy Kalahari resorts Water Park

1. Proximity to other high-end perks

The premier location of Luxury Pocono Resort Cabin is probably the topmost advantage of staying here. You’ll be close to the heart of the town which means, dining options, outdoor activities (not to mention the Kalahari Water Park) are all a stone's throw away.

2. Avoid crowds

Kalahari Resort is a famed destination and with its huge size comes huge crowds.

If you’re in the resort for a day, this may not be a problem but if you want to spend a couple of days in Poconos, then sharing common places and entertainment spots can feel a bit overwhelming.

Having the option of going back to a tranquil and cozy accommodation can be a huge plus!

Luxury Pocono Resort Cabin gives you a ‘home away from home’ feeling as you can spend your day at the water park in Kalahari then go back to your quiet place in the evening to enjoy privacy, space, and luxurious amenities.

In short, if you book your stay in this rental, you’re guaranteed exclusivity as well as the promise of unrivaled escape to your own little haven at the end of the day.

3. Book for a group

While it’s possible to book different rooms in a resort, a cabin is an excellent option for friends and family looking forward to creating memories together.

You can enjoy meals together, relax on the couches for late-night chit-chats, challenge each other on the pool table andyou’ll generally enjoy more privacy. This also means you’ll have loads of quality time together with your family and friends.

With 5 spacious bedrooms and 4 bathrooms,Luxury Pocono Resort Cabin is an ideal place for large groups of friends or family to stay. The cabin can accommodate up to 20 people.

4. Enjoy a luxurious stay

Luxury Pocono Resort Cabin is designed to make all guests feel pampered and relaxed. In addition, the cabin is fitted with high-quality materials, appliances, and furnishing.

From the sleek design of a stylish and contemporary kitchen to stunning views of the towering Pocono Mountainseverything at this vacation rental is thought out to give a welcoming vibe.

Also, you’ll be assured of a peaceful getaway where you can withdraw from all the chaos and truly enjoy nature after a long day of activities.

The fire pit is close to a river so you can kick back to relax, as you listen to the soothing sound of the flowing river and chirping birds!

5. Get Value for money

In addition to space, this cabin is equipped with a game room, a pool, and a hot tub. These are amenities you won’t pay for but they’re great pass-time activities that will keep everyone entertained on those lazy eveningsor mornings before venturing out for the day’s main activities.

Luxury Pocono Resort Cabin is cozy and warm with gigantic windows that pave the way to ample natural light, the accommodation is crystal clean and the team is always on standby to offer you any support you might need.

There is also a beautiful deck around the house where you can chill and enjoy astounding views of the surrounding areas.

In the basement, you can play pool and catch a match or a late-night drink!


If you want easy access to the Kalahari water park, Luxury Pocono Resort Cabin is a sure bet that will offer you space, privacy, and unbeatable comfort.

Bear in mind that day passes are available at Kalahari Resort but the resort guests are given the priority and so they get water park passes first.

In essence, day pass availability is based on how busy the resort is – if there are lots of guests and the resort is full,then the day passes will not be sold for that day.

So, you might want to book a night at the resort especially if you’re visiting from far – that way, you won’t have to take your chances with day passes.

Plus, if you book an overnight stay, you can arrive early, checkin, and enjoy the water park. Then, the following morning you can check out and spend your day on the water park – that way, you’ll have two days of water park thrills for a price of one night.

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