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A Guide To Snowboarding Places in Pocono

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Are you planning winter vacations but don't know where to go? The Pocono Mountains are blessed with amazing skiing, snow tubing, and snowboarding resorts.

No matter if you are a beginner looking to learn a new sport or an expert ready for a challenge, Pocono has something for everyone.

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Want to add adventure to your winter trip? Try snowboarding at Pocono's top 10 ski resorts, hit the slopes when the powder is fresh, and snowflakes begin to form. Here is a guide to snowboarding places in the Pocono Mountains.

Jack Frost Mountain

First up on our list is Jack Frost Mountain in White Haven, PA, located close to Big Boulder. This place is heaven for winter sports enthusiasts and is the largest mountain with 2000 feet tipping with a vertical drop of 6000 feet and a trail for all skill levels.

Jack Forest is the perfect place to visit with friends and family. It has more than 50 terrain parks, equipment rentals, and on top of that, they also offer shuttle services.

If you are a nature lover and an adventure seeker, then you will love snowboarding or skinny in its scenic slopes and riding in its terrain.

If you are a newbie, Jack Frost offers learning lessons to kids and beginners covering every aspect of skiing, like turning and stopping to riding a chairlift.

Bear Creek

If you are new to riding or skiing, Bear Creek is ideal for you to visit in Pocono. In Doe Mountain, Bear Creek Mountain Resort offers 22 skiable trails and three terrains that visitors can utilize.

Besides an exceptional snowboarding area, Bear Creek Mountain Resort has snow sports school and equipment rentals.

Plus, Black Bear Park and Cascade park for adult skiers to enhance their skills, and above all, Bear Creek Mountain Resort provides you with six functioning lifts for transportation to all these areas.

However, this resort is relatively small and does not have formal training sessions, but if you want to help your kids learn to ski or ride, take them to Bear Creek Resort. It's a good place for learning these sports.

If you are looking to learn some tricks and how to hit the rail, Bear Creek Mountain offers some terrain courses.

Shawnee Mountain

Nestled in the Pocono Mountains center, Shawnee Mountain Resorts are best for family adventure for having safe and secure slopes. This resort has 23 slopes and trails, mainly famous for beginners, but expert skiers can also show off their skills.

Moreover, Shawnee Mountain Resort has two terrain parks for winter sports, and for superb kids, they offer a children program that is a great chance to help your kid learn new things.

On top of that, you will find favorable conditions throughout the season, and on every last trail, they offer 700-foot drop and top-tier snowmaking.

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Blue Mountain

Located in Parmelton, Blue Mountain is the highest of all the mountains in PA, with 1082 vertical drops. It is located near most of the Pocono rentals and offers massive steps, Razor's edge for experienced skiers, and trails available for inexperienced or intermediate trails.

Typically, Blue mountain has 39 trails, 16 lifts, and a high-speed six-person lift, which means this place has everything for all levels of skiers and snowboarders to experience.

A trip to Blue Mountain with your family becomes unforgettable if you visit "Sidewinder," a tourist favorite on the mountain.

Elk Mountain

To make the most of your vacations in Pocono, visit Elk Ski Mountain, located in Union Dale, PA. This ski resort is a perfect weekend getaway.

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Though Elk Mountain is a small size mountain, its old school lifts and lazy lifts between less crowded mountains make it a majestic place to the South.

With that said, it has less crowd as compared to other popular resorts. So if you don't feel like going to crowded places, then be sure to visit this down-home feel like a relaxing mountain.

Ski Big Bear

It's a bit of a unique resort compared to other famous ski resorts. Ski Big Bear Resort lodging area is located at the top of the mountain. So you don't have to take a chairlift to come down.

Once you reach the bottom of the mountain, you can come back to the top by taking a sliding sidewalk.

Furthermore, this exotic resort offers private training lessons regardless of age, so suitable for adults, kids, and everyone interested in learning, no matter even if they are 40.


Are you looking for great winter activities in the Pocono region? Go to Woodloch resort to experience a wide variety of activities. From skiing to snowboarding to golf. Yes, Woodloch offers a championship golf course and a relaxing boat ride.

Woodlock is located in Lake Teedyuskung, so you will find here plenty of space to enjoy and relax by the water, whether on a boat or venture out into it directly.

Big Boulder

Are you a thrill-seeker and want more adventurous and risky challenges? Big Boulder is the place for you to go. Here you will find rails, and Box jumps, and much more that make it a perfect fun place to learn tricks in freestyle terrain.

Big Boulder resort slopes comprise 70% of the terrain parks and have running tracks suitable for beginners.

This place welcomes everyone. For novice skiers, they have Tannenbaum Park to visit; for experienced people, you will find tubes and big jumps in Love park that you will need to shred slope.

Final Thoughts

The best thing about this guide to snowboarding places in Pocono is that you will find all the top snowboarding parks with our luxury Pocono cabin nearby.

Staying at our Pocono resort, we guaranteed you to be close to one of these snow spots to make most of your winter vacations, enjoying fun-filled activities. Instead of wasting it traveling from your Pocono rentals to the recreational spots and back to your resort again. Tiring. Isn't it?

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